How We Help Save Your Stories

We Save Your Personal History In Eight Easy Steps

  1. We begin by talking and answering questions. With the “hero” or “heroine” of the story. With the sponsors – family or others who are paying for the project. We make sure that everyone is completely comfortable with the arrangements.

  2. A simple agreement details the scope of the project, cost, payment schedule, the final deliverables and other items. (Click here for sample agreement.)

  3. Recorded interviews begin with an experienced writer. Depending on the person being interviewed, the sessions may last anywhere from a couple of hours a day to all day.

  4. Photos and memorabilia of the person’s life are collected, photographed or scanned and held for the final production.

  5. The recorded interviews are transcribed word-for-word. In some cases they can be reproduced as a bound document along with a DVD and digital file of the interview as part of the final deliverable.

  6. The book covers and page typography is designed (and submitted for approval) keeping in mind the personality and preferences (such as favorite color) of the hero/heroine.

  7. An experienced writer crafts the story from the recorded interviews and transcript, using the interviewee’s own words and vioce as much as possible. A full color draft of the book is created and submitted for approval of the hero/heroine.

  8. Once approved, the book is digitally printed in full color on heavy paper and bound in a full color cover. There are choices of book size and finishing. (We work with a number of different printers and we’ll give you all of the details in Step 1.) The print order can be for as few as five books and as many as 500. We’ll also give you a full PDF copy of the book to email to friends.

  • Audio DVD of the interviews
  • Bound copies of the word-for-word transcript
  • Full-color or B&W trade size bound book
  • Full-color coffee table book
  • Full-color PDF copy of the book and transcripts

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